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Padrisimo! The best Canopy ever, congrats. I will recommend it to all Radiance! See you mext may.

Gracias, Mil!

An experience I will never forget. A truly magestical place. Thank you!


This Tour was amazing! So much fun! Beautiful! 🙂


Hi Barbara, it’s Angela from Canada. My husband and I did your Zipline tour on Sunday Feb 8. Our week in Costa Rica was wonderful but the highlight was doing…

Angela and Bill Harachka

This was an incredible experience. The Waterfalls were awesome and beautiful. Management and staff were wonderful. We hope to come back again.Thank you.

Roy and Danielle

Hola! Did the ZipLine! Was an awesome experience. Can’t wait to come back again. Want to do everything else the have to offer!

Raymond Lee

Barbara und Ihrem gesamten Team ein gany herzliches Dankeschoen fuer eine abwechslungsreiche Woche und ganz neuen Erfahrungen (ZipLines). Dank der guten Speisen waren wir immer bestens gestaerkt und Monika konnte…

Monika and Bernhard

This was amazing! Eyes wide, mouth screaming. Can’t ask for any better. Bautiful and so much fun! great food! Gracias!! 🙂


Wonderful time here on the Canopy tour! Everything was perfect + we will definetely come back again!

Mandy and Jacob Dankin

Thank you for an unforgetable day with you. You did a great job and can be proud of this beautiful country.

Mosvold Family

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