Mega Mix Adventure: Tarzan swing, rappelling, high ropes

zip-lining, and other adrenaline-filled activities in one go

Have you ever tried zip-lining? If you don’t have any experience in sliding down on a pulley while capturing the beauty of tropical rainforests, then add this one to your must-do list or go for it right now. But if you already know how it feels when gliding in the air, the chances are that you also know what rush it is all about. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people are constantly seeking for this all-in-one combination of the energy boost, adrenaline, and overwhelming emotions. At our park, however, you can get much more than that with the Mega Mix Adventure tour that offers a variety of height activities.

It has turned out that taking part in one simple activity is not enough for the vast majority of thrill-seekers. That is why we come up with a game-changing tour – Mega Mix Adventure! It is designed to make a difference in outdoor recreation by combining lots of experiences in addition to the
rappelling adventure in Costa Rica.
What is more, it will allow all enthusiasts to see the other side of our country and help them face their fears.
Book now and safe your place with 25 % prepayment. Zip-lining over 8 cables, High-ropes course with 17 elements, Superman flight, Rappelling and Tarzan swing for only $70 / $60.

Go for the Costa Rica canopy swing, high-ropes course, and more at a fraction of the price

Nothing is more unchaining than making a getaway outside the city limits to feel the wind slipping through your fingers during a soaring flight. If you think so, too, you can’t let the chance slip away. All you need to seize your opportunity is pick our Mega Mix Adventure package and find yourself reveling in:

Zip-lining over 8 cables

You don’t know what it’s like to float in the air if you haven’t tried zip-lining at our park. With 8 cables and panoramic mountain views, our route will take your breath away as soon as you get attached to a pulley. No doubt that the zip-line swing in Costa Rica is a must for all travelers.

High-ropes course with 17 elements

Multiple logs, poles, and structures are waiting for you at this course. It’s an excellent opportunity to test your balance and overcome gravity challenges.

Superman Flight

Whether you are a fan of comic books or not, you will definitely love our Superman swing in Costa Rica. It allows you to feel the excitement of flight for as long as 750m! We assure you that you won’t resist the temptation to stretch out your hand like a superhero when flying.

Rappelling and Tarzan swing

Time to spike the adrenaline in your veins. Mega Mix Adventure includes rappelling as well as the most thrilling Tarzan swing in Costa Rica.

Are you wondering how much this plethora of experiences costs? Do not dig deep into your pocket because the price of Mega Mix Adventure is only $70 (excluding transportation expenses) per person. Even if you are traveling on a budget, you can easily afford two hours of fun on a zip-line tour or a rope swing in Costa Rica at our park!

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