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The coming conditions of contract and use (the “Agreement”) govern your accessibility to and use of the online pages available at the domain https://www.wheelsvista.com/, and represent your consent of an agreement to adhere with them (the “Agreement”). Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with this agreement if you have not read about it till now. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the contract, you must stop using the website. Also, please remember that the conditions and terms of this contract may alter over time, and it is your duty to monitor this Site for such modifications. If any modification is objectionable to you, you have no choice except to stop using or visiting this Site right now. Your continuing use of the Site indicates that you accept the revised Agreement. This Agreement’s most recent modification date can be checked below.

Wheels Vista possesses or has gained practical licenses to the copyright and other such issues, in and to the data, without restriction, all manuscript, HTML code, audiovisual, videos, photos, visuals, symbols, Java code, the choice and configuration of the Site’s content material. The Visitor is conferred a restricted, non-exclusive license to exhibit the data and publish short tinctures of the details for private use only, offered that the details is not altered, helps to identify the origin, carries Wheels Vista’s copyright notice as it shows up previous section, and the user is completely responsible for any adverse effects resulting from such use. Any use of the data for any other purpose is strictly forbidden. Unless Wheels Vista’s prior written approval, neither of the content may be otherwise duplicated, reprinted, or re-distributed, in whole or in any other part.

Wheels Vista Search Tools

Wheels Vista provides the Users with the opportunity to undertake queries utilizing User-defined variables to collect detailed information (such as hyperlink) on numerous third-party external providers on some web sites and services. Such services are offered by Wheels Vista on the Site also without restriction of the online tools and customer forums. Searches conducted using the search functions may lead in a search results page that are arranged in part depending on a monetary amount or other compensation provided to Wheels Vista by these third party merchants and network operators. Wheels Vista does not evaluate the information provided in any of these search results because it was submitted directly into the database by third-party suppliers and service providers.

The presence of external providers in the data achieved via the use of any device or services supplied by Wheels Vista in this Site. If such data is enclosed on this Site or posted a link from this Webpage, it must not be interpreted as a suggestion, authorization, or acknowledgment by Wheels Vista of that Third Party or its assistance, but that there is an association or correlation between Wheels Vista and that Third Party or its offerings. All of the caveats made under the section “General” in relation to connected sites apply equally to the results obtained by using any tool or service provided by Wheels Vista in either through this Website, as well as any Third Party’s goods or services.

All transactions or interactions between the User and a Third Party identified by the User via the use of this website, along with any service purchases, are entirely between the User and that Third Party. Wheels Vista is not a part to any of these transactions or conversations. Any issues arising from such operations or communication services between Customers and 3rd Parties are purely between those stakeholders to be settled. The Customer hereby accepts to reveal, exculpate, and retain Wheels Vista inconsequential from as well as against any and all asserts, requirements, and impacts of any kind emerging from such situations.

Disclaimer of Warranty

This website content, all data and other things made accessible on or via it (particularly, without restriction, the search functions and customer forums) are given ‘as is,’ with no explicitly or implicitly warranties, claims, terms, or indemnification at all. Wheels Vista expressly disavows all manifest or inferred, statute or otherwise, depictions, warranty claims, and circumstances, such as, without restriction, implied warranties and situations of merchantability, wellness for a specific purpose, unbroken or error-free execution, headline, non-infringement or other illegal behavior, as well as those emerging out of a policy or procedure or utilization of trade. When uploaded, the website’ all data and other resources made accessible on or via it are reasonably expected to be trustworthy. Even so, Wheels Vista makes no manifestations, warranty claims, conditions, or indemnification concerning the use, truthfulness, precision, comprehensiveness, timeliness, accessibility, or durability of the webpage. Or any data or other components given access on or via this webpage or any online sources connected to or from the site, or any outcomes of such use. Wheels Vista makes no commitment to maintain the site or notify users of any new developments. Material and third-party data on or accessed from the website might include typographic mistakes and be subject to revision without being knowing.

Limitation of Liability

Wheels Vista will not be subject to liability for any immediate, oblique, specific, customary, dissuasive, exceptional, agitated, financial, or pivotal harm, such as, without restriction, lack of use, relevant information, revenue, possibility, or investments, emerging out of or in just about any way connected to the use, or incapability to use or access the service or any relevant data or other resources available on or via site (such as, without restriction, the search capabilities and consumer forums), or any details or other materials provided on or via webpage. The user is responsible for all expenses associated with maintenance, modification, or replacement of material or data as a consequence of using the website or any data or other items accessible on or via site. Under no conditions, Wheels Vista’s total responsibility to you under this contract, for any reason, may exceed US $10.


Some terms, concepts, brands, images, or slogans used on the Website are Wheels Vista or other parties’ trademarks, registered trademark, or brand names, are specified here. The use of such trademarks or identities on the Website does not mean that Wheels Vista or such other companies have given a license. Wheels Vista may undertake all required legal proceedings to completely and efficiently defend its obligations within this Agreement. These are clearly defined if such rights are in relation of trademarks, registered trademark, copyright, or any other intellectual property right or other interest of Wheels Vista under relevant legislation.

Warranties and Representations of the User

The User symbolizes merited, and contractual obligations that his or her use of the Webpage does not and will not infringe any applicable government, federal, or international law, such as, without restriction and any enforceable legislation. In using the Website or forwarding any emails to an address specified on the Website, the User agrees not to misrepresent another user.

Permissible Applications

The Community Forum, according to wheelsvista.com, is a wonderful resource for fans to share knowledge and understanding to each other. The Forum, like any other community, is most beneficial when everyone adheres to a set of fundamental norms and rules of behavior. These Guidelines and Procedures are outlined in the Community Forum Terms of Service as you’ll be clear about what is demanded from you and what you may anticipate from other Forum users. Wheels Vista would like the Community Forum on wheelsvista.com to be suitable, pleasant, educational, and enjoyable for all of its visitors. Wheels Vista encourages its visitors to use the forums to express themselves, whether it’s through queries, responses, inquiry, or discussion. The Forum will be a pleasant and useful to connect if everybody just adheres to the Terms of Service.

Registration Details

You do not need to login to browse the Forums and access the discussion boards. However, in addition to posting to the discussion boards and change user preferences, you must first register (by providing an email account, username, password, and other needed information). Wheels Vista will manage any data collected from you in line with its Privacy Statement. You would be prompted to input some personal details when you login. When selecting a username and completing up your account, please remember that your username, as well as a hyperlink to your account and online status, will show with your message whenever you write to a chat forum.

Wheels Vista could well deny your username (or email) that is already taken use from another service user, manipulates some other person, relates to another user (without his or her explicit permission), and infringes another user’s copyrights or other privileges.  It is profane or somehow insulting that we dismiss for any other purpose at our absolute discretion. You guarantee that all data provided in your account is true, genuine, recent, and full in exchange for your use of the Forums. If any of the information supplied is discovered to be incorrect or fraudulent, Wheels Vista may suspend your registration.

Moderators of Community Forums

Wheels Vista Corporation has Community Forum Moderators who are capable of answering some doubts. Moderation team is not permitted to identify themselves as Wheels Vista personnel on the Forum, and they do not respond to queries with official Wheels Vista answers. Wheels Vista is not liable for any Moderator’s material.

Delivering Personal Messages / Posting Content

The Rules of Conduct, which are set out under it and included herewith source, regulate involvement in the Community Forum. All regulations set out in these Terms of Service apply to messages delivered through the Private Messages feature. Other users have the option of blocking Private Messages sent with the Ignore function or turning it off entirely.


Users can submit hyperlinks to information hosted and managed by 3rd parties on the Forums. Even though Moderators do not routinely evaluate connected sites.  Links are open to scrutiny as any other sort of content uploaded to the Forum. You will not provide a hyperlink in the Forum that links visitors to any content material that would violate these Terms of Service if published in the Forum. The connected sites are not controlled by Wheels Vista, and you use them at your own discretion. Before you click on any link or visit any connected site, you should exercise your best judgment. When you leave the Forum via a user-provided link, you should be aware that Wheels Vista terms and policies no longer apply, and you should check the pertinent terms & conditions of that website, including its confidentiality and security credit policies. You may dispute a hyperlink to a moderator or administrator if you visit a connected site and discover items that are in subject to these Terms of Service.

Wheels Vista offers no evidence or statement about the content, quality, authenticity, or trustworthiness of sites linked to from the Forum, and takes no responsibility for them. The opportunity to include references is given solely for your comfort, and the insertion of any link by a Forum member does not indicate Wheels Vista association, sponsorship, or sponsorship of the website linked or any material included in it.


In practice, Wheels Vista somehow doesn’t pre-screen, confirm, or alter the content that users submit in the Forum. Wheels Vista and its Moderators, on the other hand, retain the authority to investigate any breach of the Terms of Service. They take necessary corrective actions to protect. Wheels Vista has complete discretion in enforcing the terms of these records, but are not restricted to issuing warnings, deactivating or halting Private Message privileges or Forum connect, deleting, vetting, or formatting any material, or restricting any behavior that does not conform with all these Terms of Services, such as the Rules of Conduct, and is thus unnecessary for this Forum. The whole thread, along with the initial post and any responses, may be removed if it is judged to remove content for violating the Terms of Service. Moderators will not alter users’ postings to remove material; rather, they may suggest that a user modify an article to remove the offending content and republish it at their judgment.

Wheels Vista may indeed give info about your use of the Forum when it considers it necessary to follow the law, impose or pertain these Terms of Service, defend Wheels Vista privileges or property, or defend Wheels Vista users from bogus, disrespectful, or illegal use of the Forum. Or if Wheels Vista has reasonable grounds to believe that an exigency including imminent mortal danger or serious bodily damage to any person necessitates the immediate revelation of conversations or warrants the urgent revelation of data.

Yours and anyone’s efforts acting on your account to avoid or bypass your restriction or cancellation of your ability to access the Forum are a violation of these Terms of Service. It represents an illegal intrusion on Wheels Vista devices and facilities, and may lead to disputes. Please feel free to contact the Community Forum Administrator to discuss any breaches of the Forum Terms of Service. Don’t forget to give some data in your email such as identity of the chat forum, the topic of the article, the post author’s username, the link to the article in question, and any other relevant information.

Rules of Conduct

You concur not to publish, share, and or transfer any material (along with document, references, communications, photos, information, or other data) that is inconsistent with the allowable utilizes highlighted in the Terms of Service by partaking in Forums, such as sharing information and transferring Private Messages. Anything that is illegal, dangerous, harassing, violent, threatening, slanderous, libellous, abusive of someone else’s privacy, filthy, vulgar, sexually suggestive, indecent, ethnically insulting, and or unacceptable is included in it. Marketing or advertising, email spam, chain letters, or any other kinds of unlawful solicitation are all examples.

Unless the connection or site content seems to be designed as a form of recruitment, as assessed by Wheels Vista in its absolute discretion, and references to business websites will not be deemed unlawful solicitations. Program viruses, Trojan horses, bugs, time bombs, cancel bots, or indeed any computer code or data aimed at disrupting, harm, or limit the functionality of any hardware and software. Email or post bomb, information bombing, various flooding tactics, purposeful tries to overwhelm a system, or tries to evade messaging blocking are all examples of intentional interference with Forum or a colleague user’s chat box.

It crafts any TCP-IP incoming packets, e-mail header, or any portion of a message header to imitate any individual or group, even a Wheels Vista employee. The use of identities or anonymous re-mailers is not included in this restriction. It implies or promotes unlawful conduct, attacks or degrades another Forum user or administrator. 

Additional Guidelines

The purpose of these Guidelines is to establish the tone of the Forum and user standards in attempt to optimize the Community Forum encounter. Don’t share any facts that you don’t want the world to know about. Any private details you submit on the internet can be seen and used by someone. You do it at your own risk while posting on the Forum during using of the Forum. It is impossible to tell whether other members are who they claim they are, understood and remember things they understand, or are associated with whom they say they are connected with any online forum, including Wheels Vista forums.

Kindly don’t post content if you don’t know the answer. Other users are not helped by incorrect, confusing, or incomplete replies. If you recognize the solution to a question, please feel free to react. Users of the forum have learned to trust that they will receive helpful responses. Please assist in establishing and maintaining that trust. The Moderators of the Community Forum do not reply to every topic. The Forum is a location where people may assist other users. The message boards will be reviewed by forum moderators, who will reply at their choice. Kindly call Wheels Vista for assistance Here if you have any questions. Be considerate of other users. Some Forum members are new to the motorbike scene and may not have a lot of experience with it. Avoid insulting or belittling comments as these do not contribute to the development of a healthy online community.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Third party candidates, such as you, contribute the majority of the information posted to the Forum and sent in Private Messages. The individual who created the third-party material bears complete authority for it.

Governing Law

Regardless of any clash of laws, rules or the User’s citizenship, domicile, or geographical space, some laws are prevalent, governing the construction, legality, and execution of this Agreement. In any lawsuit or procedure brought under or connected to this Agreement, the Customer here agrees and submits to the non-exclusive legal regime.

General View on

This Agreement is the whole understanding for both you and Wheels Vista regarding the Site and its services. It replaces any earlier agreements, explicit or implicit, with reference to the aforementioned herein. If any part of this Agreement is found to be illegal or unlawful, that provision will be removed from these Terms of Service, and the remaining sections will continue to apply. Wheels Vista omission to execute any aspect of this Agreement will not be construed as a withdrawal of our authority to impose that or any other part of this Agreement in the future. Each of us using the following and allowed assignee, shall benefit from it and will be bound by this Agreement. The companies have stipulated that this Agreement and any related papers be written in English. This warning and restriction of responsibility is in addition to the declarations and restrictions included in the Wheels Vista Site Terms of Use, which apply to all of the company’s websites.