Hyundai Releases A New Revolutionary EV Design: The IONIQ 6

The Hyundai Motor Company innovated on their EV technologies through the release of the IONIQ 5 back in 2021. Now, they’re poised to do so again with the reveal of the new IONIQ 6. This is the 2nd model to come out of the brand’s all-electric lineup and is described as both “aerodynamically sculpted” and sustainable for the environment. Its main goal is to appeal to the values that EV customers usually prioritize.

When it comes to design, the IONIQ 6 is styled with simple lines while maintaining a focus on aerodynamic performance. The design style being implemented by Hyundai’s engineers has now been dubbed “Emotional Efficiency”. Through this lens, it incorporates a cocoon-shaped interior that creates a unique silhouette that makes it stand out against other EVs. Another design style that the IONIQ 6 uses is “Ethical Uniqueness” where the engineers prioritize both environmental impact and energy usage.

The vehicle itself has some impressive statistics paired with it such as an amazingly low drag coefficient of only around 0.21 thanks to various aspects of the vehicle. The IONIQ 6 also makes use of air flaps, a wing-inspired spoiler, and other aerodynamic features that give it impressive performance.

The lighting system of the vehicle incorporates around 700 Parametric Pixels within the car’s various lamps, sensors, air vents, and even the center console display. On the rear wing’s High-Mounted Stop Lamp, passersby will see an impressive light show when the brakes are used. The IONIQ 6 also has a new ‘’H” badge found on both the front and rear of the car.

One big feature of this vehicle is the extensive use of eco-friendly materials across various surfaces of the car. The exterior is designed with recycled pigment paint sourced from a wide range of sources like tires and bamboo charcoal. For the interior, the seats are covered by recycled PET Fabrics, eco-friendly leathers, and a carpet made from recycled fishing nets.

Speaking of the interior, drivers can expect the IONIQ 6 to come with its signature cocoon-like cabin built to provide passengers with ample space and tranquility. Its layout was made with the user in mind and designed with the addition of a control unit located at the center of the vehicle. The dashboard integrates a modular touchscreen display that comes with a 12-inch infotainment screen and a 12-inch driver’s digital cluster.

Drivers can also expect a comprehensive Dual-Color Ambient Lighting Package that lights up the interior effectively and beautifully. From a range of 64 different colors and 6 dual-color themes, drivers and passengers can customize the look of the cabin. The engineers have also integrated a set of 4-dot Interactive Pixel Lights for vehicle information purposes.

The reveal of the IONIQ 6 was paired with the release of a 3D digital film featuring the vehicle. Fans of Hyundai’s EV line can view this film on billboard sites in London, New York Times Square, and Seoul. The world premiere of the IONIQ 6 will happen in July with the brand releasing the full list of specs and features for this brand-new release.

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