In a couple of months, we shall be witnessing another luxuriously packed wonder all thanks to Mercedes, who shall be unveiling the new SL. This automobile will take the stage later this year, it’s a completely new vehicle architecture. Painstakingly designed and produced by Mercedes-AMG. Its built with an aluminum space supporting structure, which has the ability to support itself. The chassis is built with an intelligent material, which is composed of high aluminum content and state of the art fiber compounds. Giving it the ability for high comfort, accurate driving dynamics, finest packaging and aerodynamic body shape. Similar to the novel SL in 1952, also called the Gullwing. This 2022 model was originally conceptualized on a blank sheet of paper. No part of the previous SL model or any other similar model like the GT was taken to make it part of this latest one, which is why it a completely distinctive automobile. Mercedes-Benz recently revealed a new this new generation of its SL, making it the 7th generation in the sports car’s family and the first to be developed by the Mercedes-Benz AMG performance division.


There are lots of new and unique features in the latest 2022 AMG SL. One of such significant new feature is the redesign of the folding roof top, which now takes the form of a fabric away from the usual hardtop.


SL 55 cost $100,000* and SL63 cost $120,000*. Mercedes-Benz will start delivering the 2022 AMG SL across the globe in the first half of 2022.


The latest 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL will be powered by a twin-turbo 4.0L V-8 on both variants. The SL 55 has the capability of producing 350kW and 476 horsepower and 700Nm of torque and SL 63 has the capability of producing 430kW and 585 horsepower and 800Nm of torque, In both variants the engine is capable of producing from 5,500 to 6,500 rpm. To give the driver that ultimate feel and driving pleasure, Mercedes-Benz added some very distinct features like the sharp nine-speed automatic transmission. AMG SLs comes with All-wheel as standard, which is aimed at delivering all of the engines’ top torque. This illustrates another significant difference between the SL and its sister AMG GT Roadster. The new 2022 AMG SL screws its transmission and 4Matic system directly to the engine. This leaves only a slim differential to be packaged back where the rear seat is fitted.

There are three basic difference, which are the higher turbo-boost pressure and improved internal air flow in the SL63, and lastly is the improved software of the engine.  The suspension comprises of 5-link designs at the two ends, with phony aluminum, which provides for a lighter weight. The hydraulic roll balance is another new and unique feature of this latest SL, this particular feature is made optional in the SL 55 and comes as a standard feature in the SL 63. Similar to what you would find in other vehicles, this mechanism provides substitute to the orthodox motorized anti-roll bars and is able to respond to revolving movements in quick successions, improving stability during difficult maneuvering. This system is also responsible for increased ride comfort when cruising in a straight line or running over bumps. An automated limited-slip differential is also another unique feature in the new SL, as standard in the SL 63 and made optional in the SL 55.


Mercedes has not made public the fuel economy estimate for its 2021 AMG SL yet. Although we expect that data to be available very soon as the vehicle’s sale date draw closer. The V-8 enabled versions of the 8-series as well as the LC are both rated 25 mpg highway, which apparently is decent for this latest SL.


The entire interior has been redesigned, which according to Mercedes was done with scenery and layering in mind, with an objective of making things look brighter and smarter. It features ambient lighting of different shades, while the MBUX digital assistant onboard display, which is enabled to respond to voice commands.

Mercedes Benz SL-class has continued to maintain its stance on a 2-door convertible. Although instead of the regular complicated folding hardtop, this feature has been redesigned with an improved fabric roof, which is what Mercedes used on the new model making it lighter and allow for more cargo space. Nevertheless, the trunk remains relatively small. A pair of smaller rear seats offers a space to carry an occasional passenger, but that area is better suitable for cargo. The interior appears pretty luxurious and Mercedes’ innovative Airscarf facility, which gently produces warm air for both the driver and front passenger’s neck during cold weather especially.


Mercedes has ensured all its SL models are fitted with the automaker’s new MBUX infotainment device, which is inbuilt with Mercedes virtual assistant – a 11.9-inch touchscreen infotainment display that has adjustment features enabling different viewing angle subject to the driver’s preference. The 12.3” digital gauge display is also a basic feature. Also included is a navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android. All SLs features Burmester, a high quality stereo system. The SL63 have the option of an upgraded surround sound version although with little additional price.


This all-new SL will offer lots of safety and driver assistance features, but at the moment it’s not clear which feature will be standard and which feature will come as optional. Keep visiting as I hope to update this page as more details are made available by the automaker.


Warranty package is the least special thing Mercedes-AMG’s is concerned with about its cars. Their warranty covers a simple4-year or attaining 50,000 mileage with no embellishment or extras. The eight-series and the LC both offer significant complimentary scheduled maintenance programs, which may make them even more attractive to those who just want to lease.

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