If you are on the lookout for a hybrid vehicle that does not sport a very funky exterior, then a good choice for you would be the new 2022 Corolla from Toyota, the automobile giant. We are not trying to say that rivals of the Corolla, namely the Insight by Honda and the Elantra Hybrid by Hyundai are not appealing to look at – no, they are not weird in terms of appearance. The car’s first model debuted a few years ago and was considered a fuel-efficient option. Fast forward to today, the 2022 Corolla Hybrid’s cost is significantly reduced since it can only be availed in the scantily-equipped LE trim variant. However, the cabin space inside provides a low-rent feel. This can be avoided by opting for the much-recommended upgrade of Premium Interiors. Even though the vehicle is a solid contender when it comes to the race of hybrid contenders, there are quite a few of the car’s rivals that offer a comparatively-better experience when it comes to driving, interior feel, and sitting room for passengers. If you are looking for a 2022 Toyota corolla hybrid for sale, you can easily buy it, but decide only after reading this detailed review.

Here is the 2022 Toyota corolla hybrid review:


The new 2022 Corolla Hybrid LE is the sedan to look out for, especially for its impressive fuel economy. The newest addition to the latest model is the optional package for upgrading the interiors. The premium package includes suede leather upholstery in addition to additional features such as heated front seats, leather-covered steering wheel and lastly, an adjustable power seat for the driver which is pre-equipped with lumbar support.


The 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE price starts at a whopping MSRP of $23,650*. The price of this hatchback hybrid from Toyota is more or less justified, since it is highly efficient, offers impressive visibility, and the power delivery is flawless.


Similar to its competitor Prius, the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Hatchback is an absolute beast when it comes to the components under the hood. The car sports a 1.8L 4-cylinder equipped with a hybrid system that boasts an output of approximately 121 horsepower. The vehicle’s front wheels get the power delivered to it by a CT automatic transmission. During low-speed acceleration, the vehicle provides respectable performance when it comes to power and smoothness. When turning, the car remains steady and stable. However, the economy-based tires of the car do not offer much grip. The main downside is the vehicle’s inconsistent and abrupt brake pedal feel. It does not affect the performance much, but disrupts the car from coming to a smooth halt.


When it comes to the fuel efficiency of Toyota’s 2022 Corolla Hybrid, it is safe to say that even though the vehicle is slow, it is extremely fuel-efficient. The 2022 Toyota corolla hybrid 0-60 is achieved in approximately 10.8 seconds. Since the vehicle features the same engine as the Prius, you are assured of saving a lot on fuel. Coming to the 2022 Toyota corolla hybrid mpg, the car can achieve around 53 mpg and 52 in the city and on the highway respectively. On a full tank, the car can conveniently cover 600 miles or maybe more.


The 2022 Toyota corolla hybrid interior has a comfortable feel. When seated inside the car, you will realize that the hybrid vehicle’s seats are rather comforting as compared to other sedans in the price range. Add the optional Premium Package to the mix and the car’s interiors will level up quite a bit. The additional features such as the faux leather upholstery, the adjustable driver’s seat in addition to the 8-inch infotainment system and HVAC controls make the car’s interiors look very posh and clean. Coming to the cargo space, the vehicle features a 13.1 cubic-foot trunk space, which is quite average for the hybrid car class. The car can conveniently accommodate five people. However, the rear seats of the vehicle cannot be completely folded flat. Coming to the exteriors, the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid colours are also very appealing to look at. They come in a variety of shades, including grey, silver, sand, red, white, pearl and blueprint.


Even though many eyebrows might frown upon the fact that hybrid vehicle does not have any upgradable trim levels, it is safe to say that the car features all the required features any driver needs. The features include a push-to-start switch, key-less entry, automatic controls for managing the climate inside, and the massive 8-inch infotainment system, which also integrates Apple CarPlay as well Android Auto. Another feather in the cap is the Alexa compatibility. If you further want to amplify the vehicle’s feature, you can opt for the “Blind Spot Monitoring” package by paying an additional $500. The only thing missing is the JBL sound system, but its absence is fairly compensated by the standard six-speaker audio system present in the car.  


The 2022 Corolla Hybrid receives 10 out of 10 when it comes to safety features. The car comes equipped with 10 airbags, the body panels are made out of sturdy materials, and the driver-assist features in the form of Toyota’s Safety Sense 2.0 make the car secure. The included set features include an adaptive cruise control, warning notification for lane departure, auto high beams, and lastly, a pre-collision system equipped with a pedestrian warning. To top it all, the car also features a 5-star safety rating from NHTSA and a “Top Safety Pick” honour from IIHS.


The vehicle is extremely reliable and the average calculated cost for its maintenance in the first five years amount to am approx. $4000 and the repairing costs comes around $744. The car also features lots of warranties. The warranties include – a 3-Year/36000 miles generic warranty, a 5-Year/60000 powertrain warranty, an 8-year/100000 miles warranty and lastly, a 10-year/150000-mile hybrid battery warranty.

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