The 2023 Fisker Ocean is the latest in a blooming field of EV vehicles in the market. This SUV is poised to challenge the competition with both its range and performance, as well as the sustainable materials it makes use of. Fisker seems to be moving towards a greener future, and the Ocean is a step in the right direction for this. This review on the 2023 Fisker Ocean will be going through the various specs and features revealed in the company’s press reveals and announcements.


The 2023 Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV is a completely new model which is planned for production as soon as November of 2022. The company will be offering a launch edition, named the Ocean One, which will be limited to 5000 units.


The 2023 Fisker Ocean’s price is dependent on which of the 4 models you are able to get. These models are the Ocean Sport, Ocean Ultra, Ocean Extreme, and the Launch-limited Ocean One. The Ocean Sport starts off at an MSRP of $37,499*. Next up is the Fisker Ocean Ultra, having a base price of about $49,999*. The highest available tier would be the Ocean Extreme, which starts off at a base price of $68,999*. Fisker will also be releasing a launch-edition model, the Fisker Ocean One, which has an asking price of $68,999* and limited stock of around 5000 units. Buyers have the option to lease the 2022 Fisker Ocean through the brand’s Flexee Lease system. This comes with a 30,000-mile annual driving allowance, with the current reservation price of the Fisker Ocean standing at $250.


All models of the Fisker Ocean run on an all-electric powertrain, with the choice of either a single-motor or dual-motor engine. The Single-motor setup, used by the Ocean Sport in front-wheel drive, has a power output of 275 horsepower. It’s capable of running from 0 to 60 mph in about 6.9 seconds.

The dual-motor setup used on the Ocean Ultra, Ocean Extreme, and the limited Ocean One, creates about 540 horsepower on the Ultra and 550 horsepower on the Extreme and launch models. Coming in an all-wheel drive package, these trim levels also feature a torque vectoring feature which aids the SUV with adaptable traction via varying the torque and power outputs directed to the wheels. The acceleration of the Ocean Ultra allows it to run from 0 to 60 mpg in only 3.9 seconds. The Ocean Extreme and Ocean One goes to 60 mph in only 3.6 seconds.

All models of the Fisker Ocean comes standard with 20-inch wheels and a set of low-resistance tires. There will also be options for 22-inch wheels which come fitted with High-performance tires. In terms of handling, all models will also be using an electric power steering system that relieves the burden off of turning the wheel.

In terms of towing capacity, the Ocean Sport is the least powerful with a towing capacity of 2040 pounds. The rest of the higher end models, including the launch edition model, have a towing capacity of about 4000 pounds according to Fisker’s estimates.


The battery of the Fisker Ocean comes in two battery options: Touring Range and Hyper Range. The Touring Range pack makes use of a lithium-ion phosphate battery cell, supplied by CATL. The higher end trim levels coming will come with the Hyper Range pack, utilizing a nickel manganese cobalt battery cell. The capacity of these packs can be further supplemented with Fisker’s SolarSky roof, available on both the Ocean Extreme and Ocean One. The company states that this addition could add about 2,000 miles to the range of the car per year. The range of the Touring Range battery pack is estimated to be about 250 miles on a fully-charged pack. The Hyper Range has been estimated to have an all-electric driving range of about 340 miles on the Ocean Ultra and 350 miles on the Ocean Extreme and Ocean One. All packs are compatible with a wide range of charging stations: CCS1, CSS2, & GB/T.


The EPA has not yet rated any of the trim levels of the Fisker Ocean. We will update this section as more solid information is available for viewing.


The 2023 Fisker Ocean’s interior revels in its simplicity, with building materials sourced from a variety of sustainable and recyclable products. The dashboard is occupied by a 17.1-inch touchscreen that has an optional feature of being able to rotate. There is a large amount of cutting-edge amenities that come standard to the SUV, but the base Ocean Sport keeps this number down for the sake the 2022 Fisker Ocean’s affordable cost point. Such standard options include a digital camera feed integrated onto the rearview mirror and a powered liftgate.

The base model’s panoramic sunroof is static, but the higher end models make use of a panoramic sunroof that is retractable. This is used with the SUV’s California Mode, which lowers all the windows and retracts the sliding roof. It offers riders a perfect open-air experience, more akin to that of a convertible. The seats of this five-passenger SUV are said to be a “fully vegan interior”, composed of a unique design by Fisker themselves. The Ocean SUV is also featured with a Limo Mode, which allows the rear passengers to control the audio system, as well as HVAC.


As stated in the previous section, the Fisker Ocean will feature a 17.1-inch HD screen, with rotation features in the higher-end models. Starting from the Ocean Ultra, the screen is rotated on a “Control Mode” portrait orientation, with it returning to a “Hollywood Mode” landscape orientation when the car is parked. It is aided by a Fisker’s HyperSound audio system, coming with a 16-speaker system with 20.5L subwoofer. It will also come with many connectivity options, as well as over-the-air upgrades.


Fisker will utilize their safety suite, the Fisker Intelligent Pilot, that comes with a wide host of safety systems and driver-assistance features. These include ultrasonic sensors, radar systems, and camera monitoring systems that aid in preventing road accidents. Other features that come standard to the safety suite are automated emergency braking features, advanced warnings, and other technology that help raise its overall safety.


Fisker has yet to release much information on the warranty plans offered with the Fisker Ocean. We will update this section as more information becomes available to view.

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