Audi has been teasing an upcoming trio of concepts that they’ve been working on, with the first to be unveiled being the Audi Skysphere. This all-electric two-door convertible seems to be what Audi is aiming for with its “design of tomorrow”. The Skysphere concept envisions a future for the luxury car market where the interior is more than just a passenger cabin. In their eyes, the interior of the future will be redesigned into an interactive entertainment space that might not even need to be driven.

Autonomous driving is a key part of the Skysphere, along with it being a fully-electric luxury convertible. The drive system of the Skysphere is the newest product of Audi’s initiative towards electrification. An electric motor located on the rear axle delivers 623 horsepower and outputs 750 newton meters, allowing the 3,968-pound machine to propel forward with ease. Acceleration times for this convertible are staggering, with it able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in only four seconds.

Battery modules with an expected capacity of about 80 kWh are located behind the cabin, purposely placed for the car’s agility and center of gravity. There are also batteries placed in between the seats in the center tunnel of the cabin. Electric range is expected to reach distances of above 500 km or 310 miles, with the car being in the fuel-efficient GT mode.

Most impressive about this concept is its ability to transform its serene driving experience into a more thrilling sports experience, via a variable wheelbase. The different components of the frame, the car’s body, and even the various electric motors all slide into one another to alter the length by 250 millimeters. Ground clearance is also changed by 10 millimeters, allowing for a smoother driving experience all together.

The Sports mode of the Skysphere reduces the wheelbase, as well as rear-wheel steering for optimum agility. The GT or “Grand Touring” mode is another option in which an autonomous driving system takes care of all the work as an integrated digital ecosystem is activated. The steering wheels and pedals are moved out of sight, and the whole cabin opens up to a large space for passengers to relax in. The Skysphere itself keeps an eye on road conditions and traffic via a sensor system that directs itself towards the set destination.

Many integrated services can be accessed in the digital interior ecosystem. Riders can share their on-road experiences through social media. The Audi Skysphere will also be able to do certain tasks such as picking up passengers from information set about their destination. It will even be able to park itself and even set itself to charge.

The Audi Skysphere was unveiled in August 13, 2021 at this year’s Monterey Car Week. This was a big deal for Audi as this debut took place in California, the birth place for the concept of the Skysphere. Developed in the Audi Design Studio in Malibu, Gael Buzyn and the designers worked together to create this one-of-a-kind concept car.

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