BMW M GmbH has presented to the world a brand-new car concept that they have dubbed the “BMW Concept XM”. Set to begin production by the end of 2022, this fully electrified car allows for the driver to experience a smooth and silent high-performance drive. It also takes on a modernized design philosophy on the BMW X’s style, encapsulating a feeling of both spaciousness and luxuriousness. An extravagant package, BMW hopes that its “standalone identity” will grant it a unique place in BMW’s massive line-up.

A new front end design styling is introduced with the BMW XM. Elements, such as the headlights, have been altered in order to create maximum presence for the vehicle. The Kidney grille produces an octagonal-like outline that presents the car’s dynamic form for all to see. Contour lighting elements are also present in order to reveal the blending of the kidney grilles and daytime driving lights even in the darkness of night.

This concept car seems to be BMW M GmbH’s attempt to further their reach in the field of luxury cars. Its interior comes with a driver-centric cockpit, as well as a newly designed rear compartment. It is equipped with some high-quality seating options, as well as a headliner that is illuminated. Materials such as Vintage-looking leather, carbon fiber, and copper elements bridge the gap between the worlds of performance and aesthetics.

The cabin itself, known as the M Lounge, gives passengers a spacious area in which they can relax. The rear side windows are tinted black for privacy as well as a deep aquamarine shade color scheme. Front compartments are livelier with a warm brown leather color scheme. The rear area makers use of a broad rear bench for the passengers to settle down while the ride goes on. The seats themselves sport velvet upholstery and diamond quilting on the lower parts of the seats, creating an immersive salon-like feeling to them.

Its infotainment system makes use of a curved screen that passengers can use to navigate both the infotainment suite and the various features of the car. It comes emblazoned with 3 distinct M colors, showcasing the sporty character of BMW’s new concept car.

In terms of performance, the BMW XM has an all-electric range of up to 30 miles. It makes use of a new M Hybrid drive system, which features a V8 engine and an electric motor that’s rated for high-performance use. This gives the BMW XM a combined output of about 740 horsepower and torque output of 738 pounds-feet. The XM is the brand’s first entry into the world of high-performance electrified vehicles, with this being a step forward into their future plans.

The BMW XM’s production will be situated in the company’s Group Plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This move was done as one of the most important markets for the sales of BMW’s performance vehicles is in the US markets. The XM is sold as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) mode, as well as only being an M model.

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