BMW is one of the many automotive companies that is chasing full electrification of their fleet. This initiative has borne a set of new all-electric cars which the brand hopes will be leaders within their respective classes. Dubbed the BMW i7, this vehicle will be the brand’s first all-electric luxury sedan.

Now, their teams are currently running dynamics testing for the BMW i7 in the most unlikely of places: The Polar Circle. Currently in Arjeplog, Sweden, the teams running these tests use the icy conditions in order to test the car’s drive and suspension systems against the frigid cold. The company also says that the weather conditions at the BMW Group winter test centre allow for what they call “a new interpretation of luxury driving pleasure”.

Teaser images released by BMW show the i7 masked in camouflage in a bid to hide the i7 prototype’s design. Some details do stand out amidst all that such as the horizontally oriented headlights or the cut line that travels across the top of the lights and front grille. Some observant eyes have also spotted what seems to be vertical air intakes at the edge of the headlights, as well as small intake holes for cooling the battery pack at the lower front bumper. Much of the rear end of the i7 is masked underneath the camouflage, so kudos to the company for that.

In terms of the hardware that the i7 comes equipped with, what we know is that it will be fitted with the fifth generation of the company’s eDrive technology. Already fitted on the BMW iX, this will enable the prototype sedan to deliver a driving experience with next to no carbon emissions produced whatsoever. The Drivetrain and battery pack of the BMW i7 also sport some top-notch temperature control, especially in how well they’re able to operate in the snowy plains of Northern Sweden.

The BMW i7 is based upon the concepts set by future models of the BMW 7 Series. Not only that, but the company will also likely be releasing hybrid and gas-only versions of the next cars to join the series’ line-up. The company will be revealing the production model of the i7 somewhere next year, where we’ll get to know more about the features and specs that this all-electric luxury sedan will have. Steep competition awaits it, but we’re eager to see how much it can fight against EV sedans that are also releasing in the 2022 Model Year.

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