The 2022 Honda Passport is battling a whole host of excellent choices on the mid-sized SUV class. Coming in with ample cargo space and a comfortable setup for passengers, this SUV is meant for those who want the best choice in practicality. This review on the 2022 Honda Passport will look into the car’s specs, interior, and other features that make the Honda Passport a satisfying choice for all buyers.


There’s been some changes to the 2022 Honda Passport’s exterior looks, which was a common complaint about previous models. It now sports a larger front grille, as well as a more rugged styling choice for both bumpers. There is also the new TrailSport model which aims to target the off-road afficionados. It comes with its own features which improve the SUVs performance on rougher terrain. Even the base EX-L trim level has gotten a few touchups, with additional stitching applied onto the leather seats. Lastly, the brand is now offering the Honda Performance Development package for the Passport.


This generation of the 2022 Honda Passport comes with 3 trim levels to choose from, all with their respective price points. The EX-L trim is notable for having both an all-wheel and front-wheel drive model available. Below is a table detailing the various starting MSRPs of the 2022 Honda Passport.

Trim (Drivetrain)MSRP*
2022 Honda Passport EX-L FWD$37,870*
2022 Honda Passport EX-L AWD$39,970*
2022 Honda Passport TrailSport AWD$42,470*
2022 Honda Passport Elite AWD$45,430*

Of course, the price can also change with other features and packages as well. The 2022 Honda Passport comes with several color options that all depend on the trim level that you’re going for. There are also a selection of All-Season Packages and Protection Packages as well.


The specs of the 2022 Honda Passport are quite solid all around, powered by a 3.5-Liter V6 Engine. This powertrain setup can produce a power output of 280 horsepower and a torque output of 262 pounds-feet. This is the only powertrain option available to the Honda Passport, paired with a 9-speed Automatic Transmission. Now, all of the trim levels of the 2022 Honda Passport come in all-wheel drive setups. The EX-L trim differs from the other levels because of its addition of a front-wheel model. All-wheel drive models come with an Intelligent Variable Torque Management System, allowing the vehicle to sense what amount of torque is needed on every wheel axle. For traction, the all-wheel drive models of the Honda Passport come with 3 drive modes: Snow, Sand, and Mud. The EX-L’s FWD model only comes with a Snow drive mode.


The 2022 Honda Passport’s fuel economy is about on par with other mid-sized SUVs it competes with. Since the base EX-L trim level features a front-wheel drive model, this could be a great choice for those drivers looking for a bit more efficiency with their ride. Below, we’ve put together a table detailing the various EPA estimates on all the trim levels of the Honda Passport

Trim Mileage EstimatesCity/mpgHighway/mpgCombined/mpg
2022 Honda Passport EX-L FWD202522
2022 Honda Passport EX-L AWD192421
2022 Honda Passport Trailsport AWD192421
2022 Honda Passport Elite AWD192421

For context, all models of this iteration of the Honda Passport take in Regular Unleaded and have a fuel tank capacity of 19.5 gallons.


The interior of the 2022 Honda Passport is spacious when compared to the others in its class. With a cargo volume of 41.2-inch at the rear and a total of 77.7 cubic feet with the 2nd row folded up. Passenger capacity for the Honda Passport is about 114.9 cubic feet, with the SUV capable of seating about 5 passengers comfortably. This makes the Passport perfect for buyers who want the best of both worlds. All models of the Passport come with leather trimmed seating, with the TrailSport differing with Orange Stitching worked into the design. The driver’s seat comes with 10-way power adjustable capabilities, as well as power lumbar support. The Front passenger is also treated to an upgrade with a 4-way power adjustable seat. With the highest trim level, these seats are given perforation, heating elements, and ventilation for maximum comfort.


The Infotainment features that come with the 2022 Honda Passport give passengers an entertaining ride while they are driving to their destination. Firstly, Honda has opted to use an 8-inch touchscreen in all models of the Honda Passport. This feature comes with customizable settings which you can personalize at your leisure. It comes compatible with both Android Auto and Apple Carplay, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for both Streaming and Hands-Free operation. On higher-end models, the Passport comes bundled with Honda’s very own Satellite-Linked Navigation system, complete with Voice Recognition capabilities and Digital Traffic Displays. These models also gain an additional 115-Volt Power Outlet to the package. Wi-Fi Hotspot Capability is also an added feature, but it’s only available to the Elite Trim Level. The audio system used on the 2022 Honda Passport is a 7-speaker setup which comes with a Subwoofer unit and produces 215-watts. This is further upgraded on the Elite Trim Level with a 10-speaker audio setup which also includes a subwoofer and produces a greater power output of 540-watts.


Those looking into buying this iteration of the Honda Passport will be glad to know that a lot of safety features and driver-assistance technologies come standard to all models. Their safety suite includes all the functions of Honda’s Sensing Technologies, such as a Collision Mitigation Braking System and an Adaptive Cruise Control. Other safety inclusions that are available include a Lane Keeping and Departure assist, Vehicle Stability Assist, a Multi-angle Rearview Camera, and even a Blind Spot Information System.


Honda offers a 3-Year Limited Warranty for all new models of the 2022 Honda Passport, also subject to a mileage limit of 36,000 miles. The powertrain warranty offered lasts for a total of 5 years or for the first 60,000 miles driven, whichever comes first. There is also an Anti-Corrosion warranty plan in place for 5 years regardless of how many miles the car has traveled. Roadside Assistance is also available within all areas of the US, valid only for the same term length as that of the Limited warranty plan.

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