At first glance, one may say that the 2022 Lucid Air is just aiming to be a Tesla copy. However, the Lucid Air offers so much more than just being another copycat. This model from automotive startup Lucid Motors is said to be inspired by the beauty of California, having elements of purposeful design in every area possible. Its performance is also another star to its name, having an electric range that exceeds all expectations. Although it’s relatively new, it seems to be ready to take to the air with all the things going on for it.


Lucid, once known for supplying the batteries for numerous Formula E cars, now finds itself in the EV Market. They go against brands like Tesla and Porsche, delivering their own take on the EV Sports Sedan. They’re boasting the longest electric range out of all EV cars on the market today.


The 2022 Lucid Air comes in 4 models: Air Pure, Air Touring, Air Grand Touring, and the Air Dream Edition. The Air Pure, being the standard model, starts at an MSRP of $77,400*. Up next, the Air Touring has an asking price of $95,000*. The Air Grand Touring is the second-highest of the trim levels, starting at a price of $139,000*. Lastly, the Air Dream Edition comes in both Performance and Range editions. They both have an MSRP of $169,000*.


The Lucid Air utilizes a single electric motor that delivers its power via a all-wheel drive system. It is capable of producing 480 horsepower for the base Air Pure. The Air Touring raises this up to 620 horsepower, the Air Grand Touring following it up with an increase to 800 horsepower. The Air Dream Editions have the highest power outputs, with the Range edition going to 933 horsepower and the Performance edition going up to 1,111 horsepower. Its acceleration rate, for the Air Dream Performance Edition, takes only 2.5 seconds to reach from 0 to 60 mph. It also boasts a top speed of up to 168 mph.  Lucid has also made claims that the top-level Lucid Air can take a quarter-mile lap in 9.9 seconds, topping out at 144 mph. Its speed is quite impressive, even when competing against high-performance competitors of its class. The Lucid Air is calm and collected as it glides on the asphalt, even if it only rides on conventional steel coil springs. The stopping power of the Lucid Air is helped by a regenerative braking system, with the brake pedal being wonderful to use. The 21-inch wheels have been noted to produce some road noise on rougher roads, even with the use of low-profile performance tires.


The Lucid Air boasts the longest electric range of any EV currently being sold, according to the EPA ratings. With the Dream Edition Range, it’s expected to go for a whopping 520 miles on just a single charge. The Dream Grand Touring follows this up with a range of 516 miles of EPA range. The Dream Edition Performance isn’t too far behind, expected to reach about 471 miles before needing a top-up. The base Lucid Air Pure and the Air Touring has an estimated range of 406 miles, an impressive display by themselves. This is all possible due to a 112.0-kWh battery that comes with DC fast-charging compatibility. The sedan takes about 20 minutes to recharge for an equivalent range of 300 miles. Those thinking of getting a Lucid Air will also be able to take advantage of a free three years of fast-charging at Electrify America stations.


The Lucid Air has been given an EPA rating of 131 MPGe/Combined. The Dream Edition Performance scored a 111 MPGe combined. More information on this vehicle’s fuel economy and efficiency can be found on the EPA’s official website, as well as other online sources.


The Lucid Air is quite a luxurious car, with its interior being composed of extremely high-quality materials. Lucid boasts a large space for passengers to relax in, with the larger back seat being a highlight of this feature.

The standard rear seating is capable of comfortably sitting up to three adults, with the option of an Executive Rear Seating that includes reclining functions. It comes with a mostly glass roof that gives it an open and natural feeling, helping with visibility around the car. A large storage cubby can be accessed behind a retractable lower touchscreen, as well as a large bin by the center-console called the Frunk. It is planned to have 10 cubic feet of storage volume, being the largest being offered on any EV car currently on the market.


Cutting-edge technology can be found all over the Lucid Air, including the infotainment system mounted onto it. It makes use of a dual-touchscreen setup, with the upper screen having a digital cluster for the driver. The lower touchscreen is used for additional cabin functions and information, being retractable in order to access a storage area behind it. The Lucid Air will also come with voice-recognition capabilities, responding to natural speech patterns. The UI will also be featuring an AI assistant that learns the driver’s music and climate preferences, adjusting them upon start-up. It still does have physical controls on the steering wheel, as well as toggles for temperature control and a roller for volume adjustment.


The Lucid Air has a wide variety of driver-assistance technology and features, as well as Level 3 semi-autonomous driving options which will be available within the next 3 years. Its safety features include a forward-collision warning system, automated emergency braking systems, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alerts, an adaptive cruise control, and additional lane-keeping assistance systems.


Lucid, being a starter in the world of automobiles, has started with a warranty coverage that’s similar to its lead competitor. The Limited Warranty spans for 4 years or the first 50,000 miles driven, whichever comes first. The Powertrain warranty coverage lasts for 8 years or for 100,000 miles. Lucid does not offer any plan for complimentary scheduled maintenance.

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