Rivian, an American automotive startup, is swinging strong with their new R1T pickup truck. This new pickup is the first one to have a fully electric powertrain, as well as being the first electric pickup that offers motors for all of the wheels. With the stiff competition, will Rivian’s game-changing creation be able to set the bar high for all future EV pickups?


The 2022 Rivian R1T is an absolutely brand-new model from the company, expected to be offered out by early 2022. The Launch Edition is offered for those who reserved, only available in limited stocks. It is also planned to be directly sold to the buyers, but Rivian will be deploying service centers and stores as the year goes on.


Rivian will be offering the R1T in 3 different models: The Launch Edition, Adventure Package, and Explore Package. The reserved Launch Edition started at a price of $73,000*, but reservations slots have all been taken up. The Explore package is available for those who will be buying after launch, starting at a price of $67,500*. Up next comes the Adventure package which has an asking price of $73,000*. All deliveries are slated to start by January 2022.


All models of the R1T come equipped with a quad-motor setup that independently provide power and adjusts torque levels for each wheel of the pickup. Torque Vectoring is also a feature of this electrical powertrain, able to reduce oversteer and understeer by controlling engine power. Rivian also claims that their quad-motor system offers better torque control. All this enables the R1T’s front axle motors to reach power outputs of 415 horsepower and 413 pounds-feet of torque. The rear axle motors are slightly more powerful, being capable of 420 horsepower and 495 pounds-feet of torque. The R1T comes equipped with an Independent air suspension kit, giving over 6 inches of vertical adjustment area for the driver to customize. This gives a lot more options to the handling, aerodynamics, and comfort to the driving experience. It also helps with stability when it comes to different cargo weights. The suspension is also adjusted by active damping monitors, making sure that it absorbs the energy of impact on rugged terrains.

Lastly, Rivian has placed an electric-hydraulic roll control system that replaces the typical anti-roll bar. When it’s on the road, the system reduces the body roll and gives the pickup much more grip and traction on the road. During off-road drives, it also helps in absorbing the shock from the terrain while also aiding handling during rougher tracks. It also comes with a variety of different drive modes that adjust various parts of the vehicle. These modes include: All Purpose, Sport, Off-Road Auto, Off-Road Rock Crawl, Off-Road Rally, Off-Road Drift, Conserve, and even a Tow Mode. All these adjust the stiffness of the suspension, the response of the accelerator, and even switches the all-wheel drive system to a rear-wheel setup for the Conserve.


Rivian has not released any information on axle ratios that the R1T will be available with. However, the brand has made claims that it can tow up to 11,000 pounds. Of course, being an EV, it might be expected that heavier loads will have a larger power demand. If a buyer wishes to use the R1T for some heavy lifting, then it’s best to go for the largest battery pack with their configurations.


All editions of the Rivian R1T come with the same options for battery packs. Buyers can choose between the Large Pack or the Max pack for their choice of battery. The Large Pack, rated for 135 kWh, is estimated to have last for 314 miles before needing a recharge. The Max Pack, rated for 180 kWh, does significantly better with an estimated range that’s well above 400 miles, being useful for hauling heavy loads on its truck bed.


The Rivian R1T is notable for being the first electric pickup to receive a rating from the EPA, with it scoring an impressive 74 MPGe/City, 66 MPGe/Highway, and 70 MPGe/Combined. More information on the fuel efficiency and economy of the R1T is available at the EPA’s official site, as well as other online sources.


The interior of the Adventure and Explore packages differ in how much they offer. The Explore has a sportier look, coming in either Ocean Coast or Black Mountain color schemes. Elements of matte-black finishes and vegan leather upholstery can be found within the cabin, as well as the seats featuring performance stitching. It also comes with a panoramic roof that creates a wide and airy atmosphere for the passengers inside.

The Adventure does things a little bit differently, with the front area being made to feel more like a piece of quality furniture. Most of the surfaces and the center console on the interior are wrapped in natural-grained ash wood. It also comes in the color combinations of Black Mountain, Ocean Coast, and Forest Edge. For features within the cabin, it hosts a whole array of storage compartments that total up to 12 cubic feet. There’s also a collapsible crossbar system, as well as three 110-volt outlets and an air compressor on the truck bed.


The center console is adorned with a 16.0-inch infotainment display, placed inside of the R1T’s contoured dashboard. A secondary screen is available for use as a gauge display, customizable by the driver to their preference. The infotainment UI also sports a lot of options for cabin control and functions such as media, climate controls, navigation and GPS, and others. However, unlike its competitors, the Rivian does not have any integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


The Rivian is outfitted with a suite of hands-free driver-assistance features, all within their brand’s safety suite called the Driver+. Standard features include an adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, and a lane-departure warning system.


Rivian offers quite the generous warranty plan, including bumper-to-bumper coverage that spans for five years or the first 60,000 miles driven. The powertrain and battery coverage spans a good amount of time as well, lasting for eight years or for the first 175,000 miles. Rivian is yet to offer any form of complimentary scheduled maintenance plan.

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