The 2022 Tesla Model S is from a line of EVs that defined the current market today, being one of the most trusted designs. The Model S is known for its amazing electrical driving range, capable of distances of up to 405 miles. Now, this new generation of the Model S is joined by the Plaid model, capable of much more engine power through a new tri-motor setup. The semi-autonomous driving modes are also a huge sell to the car, being at the forefront of new technology. Can all these features propel the 2022 Model S to the head of the pack in this competitive EV car scene?


The styling of the Model S is the new hot thing with it, especially its unique features such as the new plane-styled steering wheel. The Model S Plaid is also renewed, offering a large increase to power. A price increase has also been announced by Tesla, specifically for the Long Range model.


The 2022 Tesla Model S comes in either the standard package or the Model S Plaid, which offers more performance in exchange of its electric driving range. The entry-level Model S Long Range currently costs $94,990 on Tesla’s website, with the Model S Plaid having an asking price of $129,990. Multiple performance packages and styling options are expected to become available.


The two versions of the Model S differ in the components that make up their platforms. The Model S Long Range uses a dual motor setup in all-wheel drive, with one motor for both the front and rear wheels. This allows this version to reach an astounding 670 horsepower. It’s acceleration rate allows it to go from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.1 seconds. The Model S Long Range also boasts a top speed of 155 mph. It’s sibling, the Model S Plaid, is a different machine all together. It stakes the claim of being the EV with the longest range and quickest acceleration speeds, and that’s not a claim that’s farfetched. The Plaid has been fitted with a Tri Motor All-Wheel drive system, letting it utilize three independent motors that let it have a combined output of 1020 horsepower. These are then equipped with a carbon-sleeved rotor which allows it to maintain its power output until top speed. It also allows for Torque Vectoring, making sure that when you’re taking tight corner you don’t lose control of the car. With this, the Model S Plaid takes only 1.99 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph. It also has a top speed of 200 mph, according to Tesla’s own site.  Handling on the Model S is similar to the gas-powered sports sedans that it wants to dethrone. It comes with two drive modes that make the steering effort either heavier or lighter on the driver. The ride feel is still quite smooth, being able to gracefully ride across the asphalt.


The battery of the Tesla Model S lies underneath its floor, evenly distributing its weight all throughout the underside of the car. The range of the Model S Long Range goes for up to 405 miles, with the Plaid model trailing slightly behind with an electric driving range of 390 miles. Both of these models can be supercharged up to a max of 250 kW.


The 2022 Tesla Model S has quite the fuel efficiency rating, scoring 124 MPGe/City and 115 MPGe/Highway for the Long Range model. We also know that the Model S Plaid is currently running an estimated driving range of 390 miles. It scored an EPA rating of 114 MPGe/City and 106 MPGe/Highway.


The price tag of the car should give buyers the impression that the Model S will be offering quite the extensive luxury package. Its interior does look quite nice and stylish, but the contents and features of the Model S doesn’t really compare to that of its competitors. The cabin can be in either an all-black color scheme, or a 2-tone black and white color scheme. The Plaid model has a different set of options for cabin décor: Wood or Carbon Fiber trims at no additional cost.

The seats are well enough for use on long trips, which is important for the driving range that Tesla tends to advertise on the Model S. This seating design also makes it so that the rear passengers have a bit more space, but also making the front area a little more cramped than the previous model. The steering wheel of the Model S is also another unique feature, being more similar to a plane’s yoke rather than a traditional wheel. It’s still up in the air as to whether this will be an actual upgrade to the usual design, but it’s exciting to think that there may still be innovations to such a staple in automotive everywhere.


Adorning itself in a more minimalist style, the cabin of the Model S features a large infotainment display which houses a large amount of cabin functionality. This size could be a problem for some drivers as they might need to lean closer to reach some of the options. However, tech-savvy collectors will be absolutely enamored with the multitude of features it has. The Model S also comes with a digital gauge cluster that’s shown on a secondary display. It also comes with special features that are unique to Tesla’s vehicles. Drivers can activate an Auto Lane Change feature, summon the car to their area, and even use its autopark capabilities.


Its crash-test results are quite decent; however, some do have concerns with the car’s semi-autonomous driving abilities. There’s also those who have reported that high-speed collisions will cause the car to catch on fire, but these can still be reasoned out as something isn’t particularly uncommon. Safety features included are an automated emergency braking system, lane-departure warning, and an optional adaptive cruise control with a semi-autonomous driving mode.


Tesla offers quite the warranty plan, but lacks certain things such as a complimentary scheduled maintenance plan. The Limited Warranty is covered for four years or for the first 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. The Powertrain warranty spans for eight years and an unlimited number of miles driven.

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