The electric vehicle automaker Tesla, being led by one the world’s wealthiest men, Elon Musk, has made his into the US trillion-dollar club as a result of its share value rising significantly in the previous day’s trading skirmish. Making Tesla become the fifth United States Company to line-up in the rank beside Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Alphabet.

Hertz recent has announcement of its planned conversion of over twenty percent of its rental fleet by the end of next year to electric vehicles powered by Teslahas facilitated the sharp appreciation of Tesla’s stock value to roughly over and above $1 trillion, which is a milestone achievement for Tesla.

This new deal between Tesla and Hertz is a daring move for Hertz especially, owing to the fact that the latter is just recovering from liquidation, and a sign of higher possibilities for the future of EVs (electric vehicles).

This rumored to be the latest momentum for Tesla as its share value continues to skyrocket, which had recently increased almost by 13%at the end of closing for the day, $1,024.86, its first close above $1,000, this necessitated the exclamation “Wild $T1mes!” by Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive.

Not many vehicle producers are able to boast about sales volume to rental vehicles companies, just because it is really like a deal often made at discounts mainly to encourage sluggish selling models. However, for Tesla and its shareholders, the decision of Hertz to place the order of 100,000 Tesla vehicles towards the end of 2022 is indeed a pointer to the fact that EVs (electric vehicles) is gearing towards taking over dominance in the auto market in the near future, which is bound to happen in the near future.


Tesla is gradually but steadily making appreciable progress in responding to regulatory issues that had been a threat to its business in Asia. The automaker had made a statement about setting up a new data and research centre in Shanghai as a response to complying with policy requirements that data collected from vehicles in China does not in any way leave the country.

The automaker is also facing other domestic issues in United States bordering mostly on regulatory concerns. Elon Musk has received a query from the new Chief executive of The National Transportation Safety Board requesting explanations as to why Tesla should be deploying its 100 percentself-driving software when the company is yet to officially respond to the concerns raised by NTSB’s about the automated driving system’s safety.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk had initially set an annual projected sales volume target of 50%, which led to the company reaching a sales volume of twenty million vehicles a year. This is astronomically more than double the volume of current sales of other automakers makers like Volkswagen AG and Toyota Motor Corp.

Today’s report from a consulting firm has it that consumer demand for EVs (electric vehicles) is making the rounds in some corner in some major marketplace. Tesla’s Model 3 was reported as the best-seller of any kind in Europe last month.

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