Lotus has released on their website several videos detailing the different features to be seen on the future Lotus Type 132. The first of these, titled “Breathe”, showcases the active grille shutter that’s seen on the vehicle. The company says that the addition of this innovative air management system serves both a purpose in cooling and for enhancing the frontal aerodynamics of the Type 132.

Second in their promotional materials is a video called “See”, which showcases the vehicle’s Light Detection and Ranging sensors mounted on the front. These will be used for the car’s intelligent drive technologies, with the company stating that these will be found on their next electric vehicle releases as well.

The third video, “Stretch” features the Type 132’s active rear aero which is founded through the long history of experience that Lotus has with these sorts of technologies with both Formula 1 and the Evija Hypercar.

The last of these materials, dubbed “Awaken”, features the infotainment system that will come with the Type 132. It’s said that the system will have an “exciting and immersive start-up sequence” which composes of the multiple screens present in the cabin. A cacophony of lights and sounds also fire up which gives the feeling of the car waking up for a day of driving.

It seems that the company is going all-out with the marketing for the Type 132, relying on the mystique of their adverts to draw in the crowds. Being an all-new electric car, we expect that these 5 videos are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its true lineup of features and technologies. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of this car as we approach the 2022 debut date. The Type 132 will come to life by Spring of 2022, according to the company’s site.

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