In a recent press release statement published by ford, the headline news was the announcement of Ford, a reputable automobile making brand in the world intending to make massive investments in electrical vehicle implants in Tennessee and Kentucky.

It is believed that these investments should cost a whooping eleven billion united states dollars is the largest single investment witnessed by the company in its 118 year history. It is expected that this massive investment plan should generate 11,000 jobs throughout the country.

What this investment means for the United States and by extension the world is that there would be a corresponding increase in the demand for workers to work on these EV sites which in turn would affect the GDP positively.

Similarly, an increase in production would also result in a corresponding increase in national income as a whole which is a sign of better days ahead for the United States of America.

Technically speaking, the investment by Ford into the production of these eco-friendly cars should go a long way in curbing carbon emissions by automobile vehicles.

The fact that they are willing to take this plunge into a relatively uncharted terrain shows the willingness and guile of the entire team at Ford to chart new routes and break new frontiers thereby giving them the status of pioneers.

The company intends to build its own largest production complex and battery assembly plants. It is believed that Ford is keen to consolidate its position as a leading brand in the sphere of automobile production and take a step towards charting the relatively new electronic vehicle frontier.

If recent trends are anything to go by, it is indeed obvious that Ford is slowly but steadily carving a niche for itself and building an automobile empire which will be the toast of many for years to come.

Most recently, along the lines of investments as well, Ford also seems to be living by its mission statement which was and still is the agreed consensus of designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing of automotive vehicles as well as ancillary and financing services.

It is clearly obvious that ford is leaving serious imprints on the American economy and well being, and also the world as a whole. The electronic vehicle production is relatively uncommon and this investment explains the foresight of Ford.

Clearly, by becoming a leading contender in the EV production market for automobiles, Ford is placing itself strategically towards being one of (if not) the most dominant brand,

While the results might not be entirely immediate or its feelings felt in ripples, the astronomical sum has indeed began to send shockwave and now it’s only a matter of time before Ford, by action and clear implication adopt the mantra and begin to chant by their conduct; “we are Ford, the pioneer of EV production, we lead and the others follow right behind us.”

Ford as a brand is clearly here to stay and we are confident that this indeed represents a huge sign of better things to come.

In time we most definitely expect massive investments in this relatively uncharted territory running into billions. This time however, they will be playing catch up to Ford most definitely.

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