Nissan returns once more to the 2021 SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, bringing with them a whole fleet of new cars and one-off concepts. The six vehicles that Nissan will debut at their Show booth will range from off-roading concepts to high-performance designs that lay out what’s in store for the years to come. One of the most anticipated displays is the new Nissan Project Overland Frontier, a modification on the current Nissan Frontier SUV.

The Project Overland Frontier focuses instead on getting farther off the beaten path, trudging through challenging terrain with full confidence. It demonstrates the potential of NISMO Off Road parts for customizing a simple SUV into an off-roading adventure for even a whole family to enjoy.

The Chassis now comes with an Off-Road Performance Suspension Kit from NISMO, adding an additional 2-inches to the front lift, along with an SPC Front Upper Control Arms that help to increase travel. A set of NISMO Off Road performance shock absorbers are installed in the rear, providing some improved noise damping when travelling on rugged terrain. Also in the rear, a set of custom NISMO Off Road rear leaf springs provide additional lift of 2-inches, along with a greater load-bearing capacity.

The exhaust system of this Frontier has also been overhauled, replaced with the NISMO Off Road Performance Cat-Back System. It features a polished tip, along with the NISMO logo laser-etched onto it.

Its exterior modifications are quite extensive, starting off with a NISMO Off-Road Heavy Duty Bumper. 4-Inch Off-Road round driving lamps have also been installed, along with an Overlanding Bed Rack and even a rooftop tent. Other additions that make outdoor living a bit easier with this Frontier include hood-mounted ditch lamp mounts that come with 4-inch round driving lamps. It also comes equipped with a Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack, and even a Hi-Lift Jack Mount and a pair of 83 Liter Rugged Cases from Roam Adventure Company.

The bed of the Project Overland Frontier is occupied by a TruckVault All-Weather bed drawer system, partnered with an ARB Elements Fridge that’s mounted on a drop-down slide. An ARB Twin Air Compressor is also present there.

The interior of this Frontier is quite advanced, outfitted with a Garmin overlander all-terrain GPS System. Electric accessory control is done through the Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box and a Device Mounting System by 67 Designs. Lastly, the Frontier’s special overlanding specific gear includes a PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery Power Source by Dometic. Solar power is also available to the Frontier via the Overland Solar – Bugout 130 Foldable Solar Panel.

This upfitted Nissan Frontier, along with its Nissan Pathfinder counterpart, was made as a showcase for the many new additions to the NISMO Off Road selection. All of the NISMO Off Road parts used, along with other parts that will be released at later dates, will be available through Nissan and NISMO retailers by early 2022.

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