The automobile giant Hinda has planned to display a total of seven automobiles at the SEMA show of 2021. The exciting event is scheduled to be held in the casino city of Las Vegas from the 2nd of November to the 5th of November. Stealing the show are going to be the two race models of the Civic Si series, namely the HPD Civic Si Race Car prototype and the Team Honda Research West Civic Si Race Car.

The first variant – the HPD Civic is supposedly the precursor to an alleged racer, which for the record, will be made available to the racing teams soon. From the ground-up, the HPD Civic is built from a white-body specimen, and a racing kit has also been added. There are a lot of impressive features embedded in the car, namely an adjustable suspension, 6-piston brakes, a better and new radiator, racing-suited LSD, a tuned exhaust for maximized performance, ECU tune, and lastly, an upgraded gearbox.

The second one, namely the Team Honda research West Civic Si Race Car has been modified majorly by volunteering employees from across various divisions of the automobile giant. This vehicle was designed and built especially for NASA (National Auto Sports Association) “25 Hours of Thunderhill”. This variant comes loaded with tons of modifications, all of which are aimed at increasing performance. The features include – a newly-designed intake & downpipe, tuned ECU, new radiator, oil-cooling machines, etc. Due to all these tweaks and upgrades, the outcome is a massive 222PS peak output of power from a little 1.5-litre turbo engine that runs on petrol.

The Team Honda research West Civic Si Race Car features additional impressive features such as a seat designed specifically for racers, additional safety features designed for track use, etc. In addition to all this, the car also comes pre-fitted with a quick-release steering wheel, which works wonders for the driver during a race. It allows quick reactions on the track, which adds to the racer’s advantage. A 6-point harness is also available in the vehicle, which simply adds to the convenience factor. To boost performance, a fire suppression system is also present in the vehicle. The car also offers vacant space to fit a passenger’s seat, which is a great feature if someone wants to witness live what happens on the racing track without sitting behind the steering wheel.

Honda is also going to showcase the TL Civic (the hatchback version) apart from the Team Honda Civic and the HPD Civic in the prestigious car show. This particular hatchback by Honda borrows lots of parts from the HPD as well as Honda Genuine Accessories, which includes both front and rear spoilers, a set of massive 18-inch sturdy wheels, and a roof box made by Thule. In addition to all these cars, Honda will also put on display a basic Civic Si variant which will sport added HPD parts and accessories (spoilers, wheels), same as the ones present on the Team Liquid variant.

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