VinFast, an up-and-coming EV manufacturer, have announced 2 new SUVs and a plan to expand towards US Markets. With the announcement that they will be basing in Los Angeles for this, the company has also announced plans for 2 electric SUVs to be released in the future. These are the VF e35 and the VF e36, designed by famed automotive design firm Pininfarina.

Founded in 2017, the company started off within Vietnam with a sales figure of 30,000 vehicles sold by 2020. With their sales performance, various reports suggested they move to the US markets for additional funds to grow the brand. This looks to be the motivation as to why the company decided to base there, focusing their resources within California first.

When it was showcased during the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, the 2 SUVs seemed to be near completion. We think this may be a case of the models requiring a bit more shine and polish before they nail down a final design. The interior of the SUVs was also unveiled, showing a stylish and comfortable interior on par with that of its rivals. Now, the VF e35 seemed to be the more complete of the two as the VF e36 didn’t have its interior on display yet.

We also know from David Lyon, the director of design for VinFast, that the vehicles are planned to have a windshield-projected heads-up display in lieu of a traditional or digital gauge cluster. The interior is also planned to be a spacious area for passengers. Lastly, the driver’s wheel will have a slew of controls for operating the vehicle’s various functions.

Many details are still hazy, such as more specifics on the powertrain. All that’s known is that he VF e35 and VF e36 will have a variety of battery pack options available to them. The more compact VF e35 will have a standard battery that is expected to have about 285 miles of all-electric driving range, but this can be improved to a larger one that has 310 miles of electric range. The mid-sized VF e36 SUV will have a battery that can carry itself up to 301 miles, with the improved larger pack capable of 422 miles in range.

VinFast is planning a direct-sales model for their company, mirroring that of Tesla. Buyers can reserve their models by spring of 2022, with deliveries slated for the fall season. Those early adopters will also be able to experience some top-notch servicing, with a travelling technician available for performing repairs.

Their plans for pricing will also be quite intriguing, with a battery rental program in the works. This makes it so that drivers can choose to swap to more advanced battery models should there be an upgrade. This is a service that’s quite innovative and we are eager to see where they take this idea going forward. Production of these vehicles will start off in Vietnam, but will be localized in North America by the latter half of 2024.

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