The Ranger was brought back to the US Market in its 2019 model, resulting in anticipation for the next generation. The craze for the anticipated 2022 Ford Ranger line is ongoing, with Ford’s social media slowly revealing more and more of the new iteration to the mid-sized pickup.It’s expected to be up and ready for its debut by the first months of 2022, bolstered by the company’s constant teasers for the new truck.

Along with the eventual new Ford Everest model, the new line serves as the basis for next Amarok which is a collaborative effort between Ford and Volkswagen.

Meanwhile, spy shots of the new Ford Ranger line have been the clearest we’ve gotten as it shows off not just one trim level of the truck, but three different trim levels. These shots were taken in Thailand and are making waves among Ford Ranger enthusiasts. We’ve been told by a few sources that the new 2022 Ford Ranger is featured with FX4, XLT, and even Wildtrak trims.

Some sources even report that the new Ford Ranger has been seen driving around roads in Thailand, seemingly pointing at a future Australia-bound release as well.

With the trucks sporting heavy camouflage, it isn’t obvious what exactly the differences are between the models. However, the front end of the trucks are on full display with C-shaped DRL lights and with a look similarto their predecessors: The Ford Maverick and Ford F-150. The Wildtrak does seem to be coming with a different set of headlights along with a honeycomb pattern on the front grill and topped up with roof rails. Compared to the XLT, the FX4 boasts chrome accents all around the fog lights and a unique alloy wheel design.

For now, only the XLT will be available for the current truck sold here in the United States with it being the midlevel version. Much like how North America is missing out on the Raptor, it looks like we’ll be missing out on the base XL and Lariat trims.

Last week, the company released a few teasers of the rear of the new Ford Ranger but is yet to confirm any details on the final design. However, it is known that the T6 frame is the same as the current model, being re-worked to mount a rumoured V6 engine.

There are even rumors of a plug-in hybrid model that will combine a 2.3L four-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor, combining for an output of 362 horsepower and 502 foot-pound of torque. Some say that the entry-level Rangers are getting a twin turbo diesel 2.0L four-cylinder engine, but of course nothing is set in stone yet.

With the Ranger being weeks or even months away from having its debut, it’s been rumored that the US-spec model won’t see production until May 1, 2023. Dealers will likely have it on sale months afterwards, so we’ll be seeing it much later on. Supposedly, it’s meant to have an eight-year life cycle along with a Raptor version in North America that’s expected to have a V6 gasoline and diesel engines.

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