Ford has recorded yet another milestone achievement with the introduction of its brand new Ford Maverick Hybrid Pick-up truck. This is indeed the premier hybrid pick-up in America’s history, which officially is the best fuel efficient in the family of hybrid pick-up in America. Its EPA estimated rating is put at 42 (MPG) miles per gallon within the city.

The team had planned to cause a sharp break away regarding how a truck should perform. This has been achieved with successful design and production of Maverick. The team is excited to announce that with an EPA of 42 MPG city that, which surpasses the 2022 Honda Civic 1.5L four-cylinder auto transmission gasoline engine. At present, Maverick can comfortably accommodate five passengers and also has large capacity for towing especially for holiday tours or do-it-yourself endeavors. This was the statement of Chris Mazur, who happens to be the chief engineer for Ford Maverick.

Maverick is designed with Ford’s advanced 4th-generation hybrid thrust system, which includes an innovative 2.5L Atkinson series hybrid engine and an automated uninterrupted adaptive transmission. Its compact-size, fluid-ventilated lithium-ion battery is carefully packed right below the second-row seats giving room for more carrying capacity for cargo.

It is expected that Maverick Hybrid will commence delivery in December 2021. All things been equal the first customer deliveries are planned to happen in January 2022. Hopefully the required state and federal emissions certification should be completed.

As a result of high demand, Ford has set measures in place for all Maverick Hybrid production for the 2022 model year to be fully reserved by early November. Immediately all 2022 Maverick Hybrids have been fully reserved, Ford expects ordering for Maverick Hybrid to close until reopening next summer.

Currently customers are able to place and make orders for Maverick with the 2.0Lturbo engine, that is already on sale and off to a fast start with more on their way to dealers and customers in the US.

This lovely baby pick-up, Maverick Hybrid has a price tag starting at $21,490. Like we stated earlier, we foresee that the first set would have been fully sold out by early November. Hopefully the first customers should be receiving their Maverick Hybrid deliveries in January.

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