The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe is looking to continue a value-focused tradition, coming in with a variety of options for powertrain solutions. The PHEV and Hybrid models are aiming for those looking for more fuel savings, while still not sacrificing the satisfying feel of the drive experience. It also hosts a large array of technology with both its safety features and infotainment suite. Perfect for about four passengers, the 2022 Santa Fe is still a great choice for everyday use.


The new Plug-in hybrids are a large addition to the Santa Fe for the 2022 model year, allowing for a respectable electric driving range. The PHEV models may not be available in all states yet, but it shouldn’t take too long before they make their full US nationwide debut.


The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe differs in price between the different powertrains and models. This keeps in line with how this crossover SUV aims to reach a larger market of buyers. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe keeps true with its budget and value-friendly price in USA market. 10 models are available, with 3 of these being Hybrids and 2 being plug-in hybrids. For the gas models, 5 are available for purchase.

Trim (Drivetrain)MSRP*
Blue Hybrid$33,750*
SEL Premium Hybrid$37,810*
Limited Hybrid$40,160*
SEL Convenience Plug-in Hybrid$39,350*
Limited Plug-in Hybrid$45,360*


As we said in the previous section, the 2022 Santa Fe is offered in a whole host of powertrains. This even goes as far as to have hybrid and plug-in hybrids in the lineup. The engine used on the lower end of the Gasoline-based lineups use a 2.5-Liter Inline 4-Cylinder engine that produces up to 191 horsepower and a torque level of 181 pounds-feet at 4000 RPM. These can come in either Front-wheel or All-wheel drive, with both fitted with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The last 2 models, the Limited and Calligraphy, are fitted with an improved 2.5-Liter Inline 4-Cylinder Turbocharged engine that improves the power output to 281 horsepower and 311 pounds-feet of torque. These are available in the standard FWD and an optional All-Wheel Drive system. They are fitted with an 8-speed Wet Dual Clutch Transmission.

The Hybrid models all make use of a turbocharged 1.6-Liter Inline 4-Cylinder gasoline engine, capable of 178 horsepower and 195 pounds-feet of torque. The 44.2 kW electric motors aid in producing a combined motor output of 226 horsepower. All hybrids come in 6-speed AT transmissions, along with Shift-by-Wire integration for ease in changing drive modes. These only come in Front-wheel drive.

Plug-in Hybrids are up-and-coming in the automotive market, and Hyundai isn’t going down without a fight on that end. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe offers 2 plug-in hybrids with the SEL Convenience and the Limited. These two models make use the same 1.6-L engine as that of the traditional hybrids but make use of a stronger electric motor that outputs 90 horsepower and 224 pounds-feet of torque. The combined powertrain output of both the gas and electric engines go up to 261 horsepower. These models come with the same transmission as well, with additional paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

The Santa Fe takes a variety of wheel sizes depending on the model that a buyer goes for, ranging in from 17- to 20-inches. The Limited, Calligraphy, and plug-in models all have a standard Tire Mobility Kit. Handling in this mid-sized crossover is more of a relaxed affair, leaning more on a ride that will do for everyday driving. The Santa Fe offers is just agile enough to make it a relatively fun experience, with its steering feedback able to satisfy most drivers. Although not the most exhilarating ride, it will do for anyone looking for more practicality with their Crossover picks.


The Plug-in Hybrid models make use of a 13.8-kWh for an electric driving range of about 30 miles. Max voltage on these models is 360 volts, with the battery type being a Lithium-ion polymer pack. Combined power output for these models is about 261 horsepower.


As expected, the fuel efficiency of the Santa Fe differs with every model. The SE, SEL, and XRT has an EPA rating of 25 MPG/City, 28 MPG/Highway, and 26 MPG/Combined for the Front-wheel drive models. The All-wheel drive models of these trim levels are rated at 22 MPG/City, 25 MPG/Highway, and 24 MPG/Combined.

The turbocharged Limited and Calligraphy models are rated at 22 MPG/City, 28 MPG/Highway, and 25 MPG/Combined. The AWD versions are slightly lower at 21 MPG/City, 28 MPG/Highway, and 24 MPG/Combined. All these come with a fuel capacity of 18.8 gallons.

For those looking for more fuel-efficient options, the traditional hybrid and plug-in hybrid models might be a good choice. The SEL Premium and Limited have 17.7 gallons of fuel capacity, having an EPA rating of 33 MPG/City, 30 MPG/Highway, and 32 MPG/Combined. The Hybrid Blue improves on this with an EPA rating of 36 MPG/City, 31 MPG/Highway, and 34 MPG/Combined.

The Plug-in hybrids are also great with their fuel tank capacity of 12.4 gallons and 76 MPGe rating. They also have a combined 33 MPG, and an all-electric driving range of 30 miles.


The 2022 Santa Fe interior fittings are surprisingly extensive for a value-oriented model. The seating can either be of stain-resistant cloth, leather, or even a more premium Nappa leather material. The 6-way adjustable driver seat comes standard to the SE, with other models making use of a powered 8-way adjustable one. The higher-tier trim levels have their passenger seats also have the capability for 8-way power adjustment. Heating comes standard in models higher than the SE, but ventilation is reserved for the various Limited and Calligraphy models. These also come with an Integrated Memory System for the driver seats, aiding in more driver personalization with their experience. The driver even has leg cushion extensions for comfort, making this seating arrangement a lot more geared towards the person doing the driving. Various interior storage areas are available, such as an underfloor storage tray. The Santa Fe hosts a cargo volume of 36.4 cubic feet with the 2nd row deployed, and 72.1 cubic feet with the 2nd row being folded up.


The display of the vehicle’s infotainment system can either be an 8.0- or 10.3-inch touchscreen, mostly for navigating the system’s UI. It stays quite user-friendly and easily understandable, which should be a good thing for those who are less tech-savvy. The infotainment suite can come integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities, as well as connection to smartphones via the Bluelink Connected Car Service. The audio systems of can range from the SE’s standard AM/FM audio system to the 12-speaker surround sound systems from Harman Kardon. The higher tier models can come with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster for the driver, along with other features that come with Homelink and Bluelink. Another example of this would be the auto-dimming rearview mirror and Integrated Memory for exterior mirror and seat settings.


Hyundai’s 2022 Santa Fe comes with many driver-assistance features and technologies, including some features that come standard only on specific models. Some features include Blind-spot collision systems, rear cross-traffic avoidance assists, parking distance sensors, highway driving assists, and even a remote smart parking solution for the higher end models.


Hyundai offers a variety of warranty plans that are some of the best right now. The brand is also offering a new complimentary scheduled maintenance plan. The Limited warranty lasts for either 5 years or for the first 60,000 miles driven, whichever comes first. The Powertrain warranty plan that the brand offers is one of the longest lasting plans on the market today, spanning for 10 years or the first 100,000 miles driven. There is also an anti-perforation plan that comes standard for every Santa Fe purchased, spanning for 7 years regardless of how many miles have been driven. Lastly, there is also a 24/7 Roadside Assistance plan that lasts for 5 years regardless of miles driven.

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