Polestar has now given the first glimpse of its Precept concept car, one that will eventually grow into the anticipated 2024 Polestar 5. The Polestar 5 shares many stylistic choices as that on the Precept, specifically the long wheelbase and a fastback design. The platform will use an iteration of the Scalable Product Architecture 2 Platform, used by specific Volvo models as well.

With Polestar also making moves into the EV scene, it’s more than likely that the Polestar 5 will be an all-electric vehicle as well. It will also be embodying certain design cues, specifically making use of an “independent and muscular design language”. This 4-door performance GT is set to be released by 2024, derived from the lessons learned with its concept counterpart.

The first teaser photo was showcased on the brand’s documentary on the Precept Concept car, being the most detailed view of it we have to this day. They have stated that more information on the technology and performance specs of the future Polestar 5 will be released in future episodes. Polestar takes new leaps towards a future of innovation, forging an alliance between modern design elements and the engineering expertise.

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