Ferrari’s “Icona” Series debuted in 2018, showcasing vehicles that are inspired by the most iconic Ferraris of years passed. It represents the rich racing history of the brand, as well as the most iconic moments that solidified them as a household name. Each car focuses not on imitating the cars of old, but to use them as concepts for a bold reimagining of these racing icons. The company now welcomes a new design to this coveted lineup: The Ferrari Daytona SP3.

First revealed during this year’s Ferrari Finali Mondiali, the Daytona SP3 resembles the racing coupes of the 1960s. This car references one of Ferrari’s most iconic feats in racing history, where the brand’s vehicles won the top three ranks of a 24-hour race at the Daytona Speedway. Most of the stylistic design recalls many of the signature elements used at Maranello. However, it also retains many modern stylings that combine that of the old and the new.

The powertrain of this reimagined Ferrari is no joke, with the Daytona SP3 being fitted with a 6.5-Liter V12 engine at the rear. This engine is said to be the most powerful built by the company, being based off of the 812 Competizione’s engine. Its power is transmitted through a 7-speed gearbox, improved with specific manufacturing strategies. With this engine setup, the SP3 to deliver a power output of 840 cv and 697 Nm of torque.

Its intake system is more compact when compared to other Ferrari’s, which syncs it to the firing intervals of the engine. An ECU monitors both the ignition system and dedicated hydraulic system, improving their functions through minute adjustments to things like ignition timing and the length position of the inlet tracts.

The structure of the SP3’s architecture is also adapted from Maranello’s expertise in developing vehicles for Formula 1. The seats being integrated onto the chassis gives a more reclined driving position, reducing both weight, height, and the drag produced. Drivers can also adjust their position through an adjustable pedal box. A new set of tires was also developed by Pirelli, optimizing its performance in both wet and dry conditions.

The interior has been made to be a hands-free affair, being fitted with a 16-inch curved HD screen capable of relaying driving information to the driver. It also comes with the Human-Machine Interface, coming with touch controls that can control about 80% of the car’s features. The exterior has a wraparound windscreen, giving it a dome-like appearance that’s reminiscent of older race car designs. However, the bodywork itself has modern components such as carbon-fiber panels.

The Daytona SP3 will be offered alongside a 7-year maintenance program, allowing drivers to have a chance at keeping their SP3s at peak performance for the first 7 years. It is available internationally from all official dealers where buyers are offered regular scheduled maintenance checks and access to original spare parts. It is aimed for the most loyal fans of Ferrari, the top collectors, and those who wish to own a part of the rich history of Ferrari.

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