BMW has rolled out its first series produced i4 off its production line at its plant in Munich. “The launch of this latest BMW i4 is indeed another ground-breaking achievement in our preparation for EVs (electric vehicles) both for the plant and team,” Milan Nedeljković said, being a member of BMW AG board for production. Hopefully by mid-2023, a good number of vehicles from our facility in Munich would be running on electric powered engine. According to BMW, most of our vehicles if not all will be fully electric. The implication of this is that Munich is ready to go fully electric.”

Setting up the process of manufacturing all electric BMW i4 on background that for nearly a decade we have been in operation, we have had to deal with the age mindset of old pattern of production, which we have become accustomed to. Now dealing with the alteration and re-configuration of technology was no mean feat. However, we managed to pull it through thereby integrating the new vehicle into our existing structure without obstructing production. We give it all to the team working with our committed partners who did all the amazing job Peter Weber said, director of BMW Group Plant in Munich. Dealing with challenge of Space nonetheless, some of our age-long methods had to give way for new installations.

We must not fail to mention the incorporation into assembly of high-voltage battery. The battery container is now fastened against the body by a fresh, fully systemized battery assembly system that is neatly fitted at base of the vehicle. This feature allows for fully automated, high definition camera systems that scan it carefully to ensure the surface is absolutely clean, with no impurities that could cause damage.

Integration the BMW i4 into already existing production structures necessitated a whooping financial burden to the tune of €200m equivalent of US$232.5m. BMW wishes to state notes that vehicles, which are due for rollout in the next couple of months. These vehicles are designed merely for electric power trains. Before the close of 2021, all the 4-cylinder engine production line would have been relocated to Hams Hall in the UK and Steyr in Austria. The total relocation of engine production from Munich is estimated to be concluded by 2024 at most.

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