Fisker Starting Up Reservations for Fisker PEAR: A New Urban EV

Fisker, one of the newer brands in the world of Electric Vehicles, has now started accepting reservations for their 2nd car release: The Fisker PEAR.

This all-new product from the brand aims to marry high-tech innovation with sustainable living into a five-passenger EV. It comes with multiple features such as a sporty drive feel, smart storage spaces, intuitive cabin controls, and many other features that are firsts in the industry.

Fisker has placed the starting price of the Fisker PEAR at $29,900 excluding taxes and other EV incentives applicable in the US. This low price sets it at an interesting point where it becomes accessible to a greater audience. Could this be the first EV to truly pierce the mainstream and make EVs a common sight on the road? We’ve yet to know till we see the car released.

The release of their first all-electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean, is also slowly approaching with the first steps to productions tarting at around November 2022.

The CEO of Fisker, Henrik Fisker, is optimistic with the release of their 2 EVs. He says that the Fisker PEAR will be designed with beauty in mind, fitted with the latest technologies and made to be an affordable vehicle for the urban setting. The company is excited for the future and looks forward to the expansion of their lineup.

The Fisker PEAR was created in collaboration with Foxconn, an electronics manufacturer based in Taiwan. All models of the PEAR are planned to be produced in Ohio, with initial production plans scaling it at 250,000 units produced per year.

Fisker fans and customers can start to receive their Fisker PEARs for a $250 fee for the first reservation and a 2nd reservation fee of $100. Deliveries are expected to take place at around 2024.

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