Porsche Unveils The Macan T: An Exclusive SUV Meant For The Thrill

Porsche made waves with the sales performance of the Porsche Macan, an SUV that gave drivers great performance in a smaller package. Its sales in the U.S. along helped the brand reach 24,716 new drivers. Now, Porsche is planning to strike while the iron is hot with a new version of this beloved vehicle.

The North America division of Porsche Cars is now planning to add a new member of the Macan family: The Macan T. Making its debut in the 2023 model year, it will be the first 4-door car that will wear the coveted T-badge of the brand.

Previously, only certain models of the 718 and the 911 had the “Touring” badge which signified an enhanced driving experience ever since the lineup’s start in the 1960s. The new Macan T is positioned right between the base Porsche Macan and the Porsche Macan S.

The Macan T is expected to be fitted with a powerful 2-liter turbo engine, taking some inspiration from its Porsche 911 counterpart. This new model combines the same agile and lightweight platform of the original Macan and marries it to features that add to its performance. The new 2-Liter engine outputs 261 horsepower and a torque level of 295 pounds-feet. Paired with Porsche’s PDK 7-speed dual-clutch transmission system, it rules the roads.

When compared to the original 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 of the Macan S, it is about 129 lbs. lighter. Due to this, the Macan T is much nimbler than its predecessors and handles corners like a dream. Its Traction Management System provides it with the right amount of torque and acceleration delivered to its all-wheel drive system. Lastly, it hosts a Sport Response button which gives it that extra juice needed to go from 0 to 60 in just 5.8 seconds. The top track speed of the Macan T sits at 144 mph.

Its chassis comes outfitted with the Porsche Active Suspension Management system as a standard feature. The Traction Management feature has also been suited towards the proportions of the Macan T, preferring to deliver more power to the rear axle for accelerating around corners more aggressively.

There are also some optional features that drivers need to opt into such as the Adaptive Air Suspension available to the PSAM. With this package, the Macan T is outfitted with specialized anti-roll bars stiffened to decrease the amount of body roll experienced throughout the ride.

As with many of the Touring models of Porsche, it comes with unique design elements such as exclusive exterior styling cues. The interior offers enthusiasts a focused layout meant to accentuate its bold performance. Sport-Tex patterns are incorporated on the seats with headrests having the Porsche crest embedded onto them.  Other standard features include a revamped center console, a heated GT Steering Wheel, and a Chrono stopwatch integrated onto the dashboard.

The Macan T is expected to be available all over the US by early spring. This coincides with the announcement period of the 2023 Macan models. Porsche expects all the details regarding the specs and pricing of the Macan line and the Macan T by that time.

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